• Size: 50ml
    • VG/PG: 70/30
    • Nicotine Strength: 0MG / Nic Shot Ready
    • Flavours: Strawberry Cheesecake, Black Grape, Watermelon Sweet, Raspberry Strawberry, Blue Slush, Grape Currency


    1. Strawberry Cheesecake: This tantalising duo of fresh strawberries, cream and biscuit produces a rich and satisfying cheesecake vape.
    2. Black Grape Ice: A tantalising sweet grape soda flavour with an incredibly cool icy finish.
    3. Watermelon Sweet: Juicy, mouth-watering melon bubble gum.
    4. Raspberry Strawberry: Deliciously sweet raspberry combined with ripe strawberries a perfect all day vape.
    5. Blue Slush: Just like the cinema special icy drink this Berry fusion delivers a punch.
    6. Berry Zest: This flavour features an array of mixed berries, caramalised in sugary syrup; finished with a twist of citric vine fruits.
    7. Cool Lychee: A unique flavour juicy lychee combined with citrus fruits and a hint of cooling.
    8. Blueberry & Raspberry: The perfect combination of blueberry and raspberry.
    9. Mango Ice: Deliciously juicy mango intensified by an icy blast.
    10. Caramel Tobacco: Deliciously sweet tobacco flavour with a strong roasted caramel undertone.
    11. Ice Cream Cookie: Ice Cream Cookie Delicious cookie dough, with a rich whip ice cream.
    12. Bubblegum: Another childhood fave, sweet bubblegum.
    13. Citrus Chew: Fizzy, sweet and shertberty! Sweet and sour Citric fruits are sure to cause a flavour monsoon with every vape!
    14. Candy: Explosion of sweet sherbet flavours.
    15. Lychee & Elderflower: A complex mix of Lychee, Elderflower and Passion fruit with a cooling background. We can’t spill the full recipe but this one has a secret ingredient you’ll never guess.
    16. Grape Currency: A Blackcurrant Astaire, with undertones of Aniseed and Purple Grape – with added Koolada.
    17. Refresh: Fizzy, sweet and shertberty! This flavour packs a punch like Tyson! Sweet and sour Citric fruits are sure to cause a flavour monsoon with every vape!



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